Saturday, August 30, 2008

college days!

Slight breakfast,
Late attendance,
Long intervals,
Sharing canteen food,
Mobile in silent mode,
Some adult messages,
Late night missed calls,
Many proposals,
Some misunderstandings,
Preparing for exams,
Micro bits,
Struggle for marks,
Mass projects,
Dream tours,
Enjoying group arguments,
Fresher’s day
Farewell day with tears …..

“College life is nothing but a heaven…!”

How beautifully summed up naa…It’s just a forwarded message…but still it holds so many things… life is really a heaven!
With no worries or tension…life seems to be so much fun…and you realize this only when u are no more a part of it..(Well, in my case I have just stepped into another college…so I have yet to come..).But for those who have finished with their college days would definitely be missing, those wonderful days….Even in my case I know am not gonna get back those peppy days …as I have stepped on to a higher level now…and I am not expected to fool around, as I used to do (but I hope I get enough time to do the same here too….lol…;))…..Since I have started on this topic…let me tell u something about my college life…

Well, to be frank I never liked my college….The main cause for it may be because I had never expected to spend 3years in that college…Whenever I had thought about my college I used to get a very different picture… But when it actually came to me I had an entirely different image literarily….completely contradictory to my visualization….Where I wanted my college to be placed in the midst of the city…It was somewhere in the suburbs!.....Where I had wanted to see hip- hop guys jump around me…I had to be satisfied with simpletons….Where I wanted to have tones of fests and
Competitions…I was left with boring seminars…!

What more would one wants to be disappointed… and so was I….

Wondering then how did I start liking it…..?....Well, that’s something even I don’t know… But somehow I had started to like my college…no matter how ugly it seemed…and eventually I had fallen for it….I was in love with my college…(now u know, Love is blind……)With all its flaws I accepted my college….or rather I had to !.But surprisingly I was happy…Well, I must say the most interesting part of those salad days were the” political hangamas”… It was completely new to me…the various parties and their speeches, campaigns, strikes and what not! I sometimes wondered at this young age they actually looked like “politicians”! But I must tell u the whole thing was really superb…especially those strikes, when we used to slip from college and stroll around!
To talk about the class hours…they were boring for sure…with those same lecturers everyday….but they used to turn interesting with a screechy ring tone… hours were always welcome, but it’s a pity we seldom got them…! But those we got were thoroughly utilized….and the class after a free hour resembled a ground with numerous plane crashes…Intervals were much awaited and celebrated…especially lunch intervals…where u could see a lot of vultures scavenging, no matter how bad it tasted!……But I guess its fun to be a vulture at times…
When u r at college even the dreadful exams seem fun…until of, course the result comes!
But after every single test u get to hear those “tit-bit” stories and get to meet the triumphant heroes in this regard…lol…When u r at college life seems to be on a holiday, but still u crave for the same and obviously it becomes your best tour ever! And finally comes the farewell day…a day u wish never came …coz it simply reminds u that your reign here is over find another place now…lol….and that obviously hurts! But u always part with a promise that u’ll miss each other….and u always do miss them! I guess these were the things which made me love my college…and I know its similar for all of us…yet we think ours is the best..!
Fun, frolic, youthfulness, romance, silly fights, misunderstanding, lively corridors, funky dresses, empty class rooms and overcrowded canteen all describe ones college days…and so does mine..;)!


veena said...

yeah anu...made me realise how much am gonna miss my good old college after a couple of hoo....rula diya na...?
keep up the good writing girl..its getting better...:)

Anonymous said...

anu.. :)..
hehe this idea of college days was in my head for sometime for my blog :D..but was just waiting for write words..beautiful writing dear..i am still missing those days where i copied up down and bottom to pass my engg exams. i used to stroll down to college without any textbooks or notebooks except one pen in the pocket...i used to strike and make everyone bunk university time that i cannot forget..and also cannot forget all this silly crushs and love stories that all part of the walls of the all the most beautiful college :)

Good work gal!!! again you are getting better day by day.. and above comment what was given ..she is joking about crying and all..she has a monkey heart doesnt get hurt :D..hehe...tell her this :P..bubye...

angel in disguise.... said...

oh thanks deepu....well u neednt tell me what all u did in ur college days...i could very well guess

Anonymous said...


hehe...but there are many things which are impossible to guess :P

remu said...

colege life sure is the creme of the salad.
this blog could be one that i could read years later and link it with my colege life(do keep it till then)

Venkatesh Nandakumar said...

Would it do if I jump around you for a while?

My life is my lesson! said...

*great imagination,i mean the class after a free hour resembled a ground with numerous plane crashes.
*One thing we mallus outside Kerala miss is the never-ending college politics.It always remains insatiable.A good picture altogether.