Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life at its turning point....!!

Life was moving at a steady pace, with no gear change and speed hikes. May be it was bored with itself, that it decided to take a sudden turn. In to a completely different road, which was new to me in every aspect …but was sure to come in future. Wondering which road was it? A road which is life long, a road which is meant for all, and whose riders are decided in heaven…yes, you guessed it right …it’s the road to marriage! And I am going to be an afresh rider on this road very soon!

To be frank I had never expected to be a ‘rider on this road’ so soon. Neither did I know life was at its turning point. And as in any girl’s case …I too was apprehensive and confused. But everything has a time…and when the right time strikes…everything falls into place and the desired happens…..!

And so did in my case too. At first it was a bit difficult to gulp in the fact that it was actually happening with me, slowly I learned to flow with the current and to be true I am actually quite happy about it!

The only thing which bothers me now is about my final semester’s exam dates. I hope the ‘red lettered day’ of my life wouldn’t coincide with my exam dates and I have an intuition inside which says…it wouldn’t!:)

When I think about the life ahead, a small burning sensation picks up deep down. Concerns regarding whether I would be able to handle everything, whether I would make a good wife and daughter in law often haunts me…but I am sure I’ll adjust with my responsibilities and new life soon(hopefully!;))

My engagement was this Saturday(27/3/2010),but still I feel it was all a dream…the only thing which wakes me up from my dreamy land is the small cute ring with a sweet name engraved on it, shining in my hand!

My life would change, and so would my responsibilities…but am excited about the new roles I would get to play in my life ahead. I am happy because, now I have someone special in my life (finally!) with whom I can share all my views and I must tell you guys that though my fiancĂ©e looks a bit serious, he is completely jovial and fun to be with!

With the showers of blessings around, I hope we match up to each others expectations and lead a simple and happy life. I don’t know what to write more…. I am sure life would open new chapters for me to share with you all. So let’s hope for the best… I am sure your prayers and well wishes would follow me wherever I go. I am in a altogether different mood these days…and I must say I enjoy being in it…so let me continue doing so…but I promise I would be back with a bang soon …with some more crap stories and repulsive yet interesting tales…….do wait for the same!;)