Tuesday, September 18, 2012

money making: a pursuit to happiness?

It’s been ages since I blogged, there have been occasions when I had the time and means to express what was in my mind in words , but I never took the initiative to do so. But today after almost a year I felt like connecting back to the world of blogging. And yes there is a reason behind it....for the past few months I have constantly involved myself with the urge to understand the relation between money making and happiness. At present most of my day is in pursuit to find answers to this area of interest. So I thought of sharing this with you too, let me bring in this idea which I have been pondering over, let your thoughts pour in...

 ‘What will the future bring? From time immemorial this question has occupied men’s minds, though not always to the same degree. Historically it is chiefly in times of physical, political, economic and spiritual distress that men’s eyes turn with anxious hope to the future and when anticipation, utopias and apocalyptic vision multiply.’ – C.G Jung

Man is always anxious about what his future beholds for him. He is in constant quest to answer it. And he wants to answer it in the best possible way. And so he tries every means to maximise his materialistic world. But is it that he wants to acquire in his life time. Or does materialism help him be happy. In fact, it’s often seen that people with ample resources in hand are somehow not satisfied with life. While those with only mere means to live, are content and ready to lead a happy life with whatever little they have. It’s such an irony that the destitute are somehow happy while the solvent carve for more. The rich wants to get richer by every passing day. It’s not that the poor don’t want to get rich, but somehow in our economy it’s difficult for the poor to flourish, the problem of a lopsided development. This brings us to a question, “Does being wealthy make one happy?” For an individual to survive in this fast moving world, it is necessary to have money in hand. For a sustained growth and development it is inevitable to have a high paying job too. But despite having all these we find the majority of wealthy people somehow unhappy and dissatisfied with their life.

 Money is needed to survive in this society and one needs to have sufficient amount of it. The sufficiency level differs from person to person. But the fact is after a limit money becomes just a piece of paper, completely inert. May be that’s the reason why some say, money can buy you everything but not peace and happiness. Being wealthy and rich need not make a person happy similarly being poor need not make a man unhappy too.

 This brings us to a question, “What is it that most human beings want in life?” The answer is Happiness. Peace of mind. However, when asked, most are likely to name intermediate steps to the ultimate goal of happiness, steps to the summit, mistaking the steps for the summit. Money, a new car, getting children admitted to prestigious school, health, a new dress or suit, a fancy home.... but if pushed if asked, “what next?, what after that, they will sooner or later come to realise that our attempts to maximise things is to ultimately maximise happiness.

 But are we trying to maximise happiness, and even if we are doing so...are we getting in the desired results. Doing the things we like or make us happy may give us happiness to some extent. But can we keep on doing that our entire life. Don’t we have other responsibilities to look at? Is it possible to strike a happy balance between responsibility and happiness? Can financial success and happiness go hand in hand? May be making what we enjoy our pursuit of living can lead us to happiness, but what if our selected means fails to give in the promised earnings? All these and many more questions need to be answered...

 Note: For all those who are at present thinking this girl is going nuts, then yes you are right am going nuts, as this is somewhat my area where I am trying to research and the fact is I find myself getting confused by every passing day.... k now let me hear what you have to share!:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To my little one....:)

I am experiencing the most vivid and exciting period a woman goes through her life….yes, the period where one experiences the little bumps and jumps of the infant inside her womb. Its truly an amazing feeling…a new life beginning to develop within you….bringing happiness all around. Even though my little one is still to see the world outside….i am sure that my baby is already experiencing the world through me…through my eyes…my feel….my touch…my thoughts….! My every move, my every little excitement , my every mood change…brings in some reactions from within too… and this makes me love you more…my little one…!

Very often …when the reactions are nil…I try listening to music…and oh..my… the somersault acts begin…;). My sissy is so excited about all this, that she …makes me hear a very cute ring tone on her phone everyday…to see the little one…move…. It’s really a heart touching moment.

This period is a very crucial one…as everything you feel, eat, sense or smell is received by your baby too. I am a bit careless in this stuff…but thanks to my loving husband, in-laws and parents…who constantly monitor my acts…and give the needed guidelines. But I must say…I have changed a lot…(not just my physic ) but my mind set too…I have become a bit more sensible and responsible…may be because I know..there is someone…within me…completely helpless…all dependent on me….and whose responsibility and safety is my priority.

Now I know why the bond between a mother and child is so strong…even when both are apart, both are always connected together through some strange network…which is build within …even before you are born ...and continues to …follow you where ever you go…wherever you are…

I often feel the little ‘dishums’ are a reminder …to me that…amma I am here…come cuddle me up. I can feel the bond between us tighten by every passing day…. I know that my little one is as eager as me to see the world and his mother…and so am I to get a glimpse of my sweet heart….my own …my lovely baby…I can’t wait to see your little cute bum , the innocent toothless smile, and the twinkling little eyes. My ‘kunjus’ am waiting for you….to come and invade our life with happiness!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Every passing year leaves behind some sweet some sour memories….But this year for me has been the most memorable of all. The reasons are big and small…. Right from my successful completion of post graduation, to my marriage, to my first ever job, to my entering another stage of life…..the list goes on….and seems endless…with every passing year…I had always felt …oh! This year went so fast. But this year was different….it made me feel I lived ages in it….may be because it took me through varying colours of life….I must admit every hue was different …bringing in new joy…all what I never had experienced before! Let me give you an account of my renewed journey in 2010…

MARCH2010: (my ring day) I got engaged this day, the beginning of a new life…a new person in my life….i remember myself all dressed and happy….expecting all happiness ….welcoming my partner with wholeheartedly….:)
(The following days were filled with non stop chit chat on phone, of course with my new love;) though the chit chat had begun days before…but after engagement they took a new level…I must say I really enjoyed them;) and they continued till my RED lettered day…my marriage!)

MAY2010:(the RED lettered day of my life) As any girl I too had my apprehensions about marriage….but I must say I was rather cool that day…may be because by then we were no more strangers, I must say we had become friends…or even more…

JULY2010 :( my first job) I had never ever thought that I would end up being a teacher or a lecturer….thanks to my husband, who instilled in me the urge to be one…I must say I truly enjoy being one…first job is always special….and this one will always remain in my heart.

Life took its pace…and I felt I already have played some very interesting roles in my life…being a wife was all new for me ;) it felt good …being special for someone…having someone very special in your life…cooking new delicacies (it was new…hmm my poor hubby ate everything I made without any complaints…but yes suggestions were always there)….my new job …it had a lot of challenges…I had to lead a class…impart knowledge…prepare notes …take lectures…but in the due course I learned the trick to handle a class…to be at least my students friend! I hope they feel the same…I know I have to improve a lot …and I am sure I can…thanks everyone for your courteous listening and help wherever possible ….

Today when I look back I feel I have lived so many years…and I feel really happy. The coming year 2011 is sure to be even better….as am going to step on a new stage in my life…someone very special is going to be a part our life very soon….and waiting for the angel to come and invade our life ….:) yes, your guess is as right as mine…!:) life wont be the same ….but am looking forward for the change….:)

Hoping for betterment, every year…not only for me…but for every living creature in this beautiful world.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

For You..........

Your gentle touch wakes me up…
Your sparkling smile ignites me up…
Your supple kiss radiates me up…
Yes, it’s you, only you…..

The one who fulfills my every wish…
The one who relishes my every dish…
The one, whom I always miss…
Yes, it’s you, only you….

My friend, my partner, my guide, my philosopher,
Are you, and will remain the same forever…
You are my prized possession …
And my only obsession!
Yes, it’s you, only you….

You came into my life, with a wedding ring…
And ever since, my life is at happy swing…
Its strange how two strangers can begin life together…
But it’s stranger when they are always together…
Becoming closer and closer….

My every heart beat is for you…
My every breath remembers you…
Yes its all for you…
Only you…only you….

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time pass....a real one...!;)

On a hot steamy day, traveling in a crowded bus becomes all the more difficult. A single vacant seat and you can find the entire crowd, trying to snatch it away by every means possible. I personally feel much more comfortable standing on such occasions…the reason being, one…I get to have my own space however meager it is, two…I don’t have to see the frown on the co passengers face, envying me…simply because I could manage to grab a seat which she couldn’t . I know some of you have raised your eye brow reading this…but this is the truth! I am too good ;-)

And on one such occasion I got a chance to exhibit my modesty and humility (I never let go such prospects unattended…lol...;)) A hefty old lady with two bags in each hand resembling her twins managed to crane into the thickly populated bus clutching on to the steel rod on the left side . And I personally felt the bus had tilted an inch to the left…may be because I had to bear the burnt of her massive weight which she felt was better to be dumped to the person nearby. This is one reason I find standing better…at least you need to balance just yourself not everyone around you (some may disagree, but for me it’s this way:-p.) With every left turn the bus took …I could very well relate my self with the fate of dinosaurs…which ended up being a cluster of fossils! And I thought its better to offer her my seat and move away in a cozier space… if possible near a window. I tapped on her flesh stuffed hands and politely rose indicating her to occupy my seat. She immediately asked me, “Are you getting down at the next stop?” I reluctantly said, “No aunty…it’s just that I thought you are finding it difficult to balance …so feel free to sit down.” The aunty was pleased leaps and bounds and with a wide smile on her face, she accepted my offer. I in the meanwhile felt I had done a noble cause helping an old lady out. But the satisfaction soon faded, when I met with the atrocities of standing in an over crowded bus. At the next stop the person sitting next to the old fat lady (who presently had my seat) got down. Obviously, everyone jumped in excitement to grab the opportunity…but the aunty didn’t allow any one to sit in there…she screeched at the top of her voice “moleeeeeeee!...vaa evide irikam!!!”(Come sit here my girl.) Everyone around her had a disgusted expression and most of them were mumbling beneath their breath…while some found it better to openly spill out their anger and some really colorful words were flying in the air(#%^&*$#). Hope you got the feel of it!

I turned to see what the fuss was all about, and found I was the scapegoat in the whole scene…the seat was being offered to me…without any further hesitation I thought it was better to sit down. The crowd was a bit silent, still a few were irritably mumbling, “this is a public property …everyone has equal rights etc etc” I thought it was better to ignore and turned to see what the aunty felt…as I turned to face her, I see her admiringly looking at me with a pleased yet false smile. I smiled back at her. She winked at me and said, “all this happens don’t take it seriously…by the way are you studying?”
Me: yes, final year M.com
Aunty: (unnecessarily impressed) oh! Wow...great, so where do you live and who all are there in your family?

Me: (confused) well…near the temple, along with my parents and younger sis.
(With every answer I gave her, I could feel she was getting overly excited and was constantly checking me out from every angle…I obviously felt awkward.)
Aunty: so you are a ‘Hindu’ right? You are ‘nair’?...do you regularly go to the temple?(with a smile so wide, even trying to attempt one would hurt your cheeks…for sure)

Me: yes, I am a ‘Hindu’ but I don’t regularly go to the temple…just when I feel like (why does she have to know all this…caste, creed, religion…yuck! I hate such people who ask all this in the first meeting…I mean what do you get from it!)

Aunty: (again stressing on my caste) …you didn’t specify.

Me: (repulsively)…Err…

Aunty: let me be frank, the thing is I have a lot of alliances or marriage proposals which would suit your profile…so if you are interested I will contact your parents (all this with the same wide shameless smile)

Me: (almost like lightening stricken)…Oh!(sheepish smile flushing every now and then)..well…the thing is…(aunty cuts me abruptly)

Aunty: yes yes...I know you are studying now…but then we have to look into such things seriously, and if you are so particular may be we can have the engagement done…and marriage a few months later or after your studies…what say?

(I really couldn’t control laughing and with a genuine laugh I said…actually aunty the thing is…I would have been interested in your proposal…but the thing is I am already engaged!!! I said so showing her, my prized possession …my ring!)
The scene after that is hard to explain and I was happy because I didn’t have to see much of it…as my stop was nearing, but I must admit it was a real time pass. I rose from the seat and bid adieu to my old friend who was yet to recover from the shock!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life at its turning point....!!

Life was moving at a steady pace, with no gear change and speed hikes. May be it was bored with itself, that it decided to take a sudden turn. In to a completely different road, which was new to me in every aspect …but was sure to come in future. Wondering which road was it? A road which is life long, a road which is meant for all, and whose riders are decided in heaven…yes, you guessed it right …it’s the road to marriage! And I am going to be an afresh rider on this road very soon!

To be frank I had never expected to be a ‘rider on this road’ so soon. Neither did I know life was at its turning point. And as in any girl’s case …I too was apprehensive and confused. But everything has a time…and when the right time strikes…everything falls into place and the desired happens…..!

And so did in my case too. At first it was a bit difficult to gulp in the fact that it was actually happening with me, slowly I learned to flow with the current and to be true I am actually quite happy about it!

The only thing which bothers me now is about my final semester’s exam dates. I hope the ‘red lettered day’ of my life wouldn’t coincide with my exam dates and I have an intuition inside which says…it wouldn’t!:)

When I think about the life ahead, a small burning sensation picks up deep down. Concerns regarding whether I would be able to handle everything, whether I would make a good wife and daughter in law often haunts me…but I am sure I’ll adjust with my responsibilities and new life soon(hopefully!;))

My engagement was this Saturday(27/3/2010),but still I feel it was all a dream…the only thing which wakes me up from my dreamy land is the small cute ring with a sweet name engraved on it, shining in my hand!

My life would change, and so would my responsibilities…but am excited about the new roles I would get to play in my life ahead. I am happy because, now I have someone special in my life (finally!) with whom I can share all my views and I must tell you guys that though my fiancĂ©e looks a bit serious, he is completely jovial and fun to be with!

With the showers of blessings around, I hope we match up to each others expectations and lead a simple and happy life. I don’t know what to write more…. I am sure life would open new chapters for me to share with you all. So let’s hope for the best… I am sure your prayers and well wishes would follow me wherever I go. I am in a altogether different mood these days…and I must say I enjoy being in it…so let me continue doing so…but I promise I would be back with a bang soon …with some more crap stories and repulsive yet interesting tales…..lol….do wait for the same!;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

See it ...to believe it...;)

Holidays are meant to sloth….and that’s exactly what I am doing right now. Well, not having Xmas holidays…but exam holidays…;)and both mean somewhat the same, if you are into the category who study on the eve of exams! So am enjoying the same right now…be in bed till you desire, watch all the stupid programmes on TV with your favourite nibble in hand, have a long siesta etc etc…in short do whatever your heart craves for!

But being lazy is not an easy thing…It brings along with it a lot of nag from your mother like …pester for not doing things, forcefully waking you up, making you do the household chores and what not. But what tops my list is....”anu it’s almost noon, go take a shower!” and I myself don’t know why I laze off when I hear about taking a bath…especially when it’s a holiday. And on one such hot sultry day when I was glued to TV and my mother as usual was nagging and niggling showing me the way to bathroom, I stood up and switched off the TV and dashed straight to the bathroom(contrary to all your expectations…;) lol)

I was about to turn the shower, when I see a big, brown creature with woolen legs and scary eyes dart towards me…I screamed and took shelter under my towel, after 5 seconds I peeked through it…and found the spider was gone, relieved I look up and what do I find! Yes the villain again ready with his vicious plans wobbling its 8 weapons in every possible way to scare the hell out of me. This time though, I decide to me brave and venture to test if it’s poisonous, with a trick told by my grandma…years back. Grandma had once said…’try blowing air on the face of the spider, and if its poisonous it will shrink into a small ball and if not, will retain its posture’. I was all set to test this fact all by myself and did exactly the same. But neither did the spider shrink nor did it maintain its posture, instead it sprang up on me and dug its deadly teeth on the side of my neck, I screamed and yelled but on one came to my rescue. Slowly it grew it size and was blue to eyes, I tried pulling it away with my hands, but till then it was almost double my hand’s size. I was feeling dizzy, but had to get rid of the dangerous thing somehow and used all my leftover strength and caught the spider with both hands and pulled it out and smashed to the ground. Blood was oozing out and I was losing balance, I tried touching the wound and felt something sharp there…I dragged myself to the mirror, and to my horror I found two big fangs had sprouted out and were continuing to grow in size …..Slowly those fangs grew to be of some vampire’s…yes a very familiar one though….it was Edward! And no longer did I remain myself…. I was Bella!! And through the small opening in the window we flew back to our jungle...away from the crumpled city to the lush green forest which awaited us…. We talked through the simmering cold stream and…and…and... .. And you guys guessed it right it was all a dream or call it a nightmare!

PS: later I found myself on the bed, and I realized it was all a dream…suddenly I felt something biting me on the neck…this time though it was a mere mosquito! I slapped it tight and examined to have a closer look …and I must tell you it did look a lot like Edward!!!;)