Saturday, August 30, 2008

college days!

Slight breakfast,
Late attendance,
Long intervals,
Sharing canteen food,
Mobile in silent mode,
Some adult messages,
Late night missed calls,
Many proposals,
Some misunderstandings,
Preparing for exams,
Micro bits,
Struggle for marks,
Mass projects,
Dream tours,
Enjoying group arguments,
Fresher’s day
Farewell day with tears …..

“College life is nothing but a heaven…!”

How beautifully summed up naa…It’s just a forwarded message…but still it holds so many things… life is really a heaven!
With no worries or tension…life seems to be so much fun…and you realize this only when u are no more a part of it..(Well, in my case I have just stepped into another college…so I have yet to come..).But for those who have finished with their college days would definitely be missing, those wonderful days….Even in my case I know am not gonna get back those peppy days …as I have stepped on to a higher level now…and I am not expected to fool around, as I used to do (but I hope I get enough time to do the same here too….lol…;))…..Since I have started on this topic…let me tell u something about my college life…

Well, to be frank I never liked my college….The main cause for it may be because I had never expected to spend 3years in that college…Whenever I had thought about my college I used to get a very different picture… But when it actually came to me I had an entirely different image literarily….completely contradictory to my visualization….Where I wanted my college to be placed in the midst of the city…It was somewhere in the suburbs!.....Where I had wanted to see hip- hop guys jump around me…I had to be satisfied with simpletons….Where I wanted to have tones of fests and
Competitions…I was left with boring seminars…!

What more would one wants to be disappointed… and so was I….

Wondering then how did I start liking it…..?....Well, that’s something even I don’t know… But somehow I had started to like my college…no matter how ugly it seemed…and eventually I had fallen for it….I was in love with my college…(now u know, Love is blind……)With all its flaws I accepted my college….or rather I had to !.But surprisingly I was happy…Well, I must say the most interesting part of those salad days were the” political hangamas”… It was completely new to me…the various parties and their speeches, campaigns, strikes and what not! I sometimes wondered at this young age they actually looked like “politicians”! But I must tell u the whole thing was really superb…especially those strikes, when we used to slip from college and stroll around!
To talk about the class hours…they were boring for sure…with those same lecturers everyday….but they used to turn interesting with a screechy ring tone… hours were always welcome, but it’s a pity we seldom got them…! But those we got were thoroughly utilized….and the class after a free hour resembled a ground with numerous plane crashes…Intervals were much awaited and celebrated…especially lunch intervals…where u could see a lot of vultures scavenging, no matter how bad it tasted!……But I guess its fun to be a vulture at times…
When u r at college even the dreadful exams seem fun…until of, course the result comes!
But after every single test u get to hear those “tit-bit” stories and get to meet the triumphant heroes in this regard…lol…When u r at college life seems to be on a holiday, but still u crave for the same and obviously it becomes your best tour ever! And finally comes the farewell day…a day u wish never came …coz it simply reminds u that your reign here is over find another place now…lol….and that obviously hurts! But u always part with a promise that u’ll miss each other….and u always do miss them! I guess these were the things which made me love my college…and I know its similar for all of us…yet we think ours is the best..!
Fun, frolic, youthfulness, romance, silly fights, misunderstanding, lively corridors, funky dresses, empty class rooms and overcrowded canteen all describe ones college days…and so does mine..;)!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

online acquaintance.....

When night falls everything seems to have come to a stand still. No more bustling sound of the buses or the irritating top geared bikes….everything so silent and peaceful. The only thing which seems to be dominating the world at this hour is the street light, standing all alone in the spooky night, but sometimes they seem to have companions too…the howling and hooting stray dogs who find shelter under these lamps…

On one such night when the world around me was all asleep and the only sound audible was the tip- tip from the leaky tap I decided to quit my sleep!(but it was not the tip tip…which awoke me…actually I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all….I wanted to chit chat).But no one was available, my favourite chat friend i.e. my sis was fast asleep and her face brought in memories of ‘kumbhakarna’(one of my fav epic heroes…lol;)).So I decided not to disturb her……Then somehow I thought of the internet …what made me think so I don’t know…but soon I was on the net!

Life on the net is entirely different, in the middle of the night you see chat rooms over flooded and people in various communities on some social networks fighting and teasing with each other …..Life seems to be so much fun here! I sometimes feel life in net is synonymous to a fun filled ambience….

And as expected I was really happy to see all this ….so many like minded people all in one place. To me it was more of a coming together of the nocturnals…!lol….I finally decided to get into a chat room! I know many of you are shocked at my decision..coz everyone knows life in chat rooms are never easy…especially at odd hours like in my case…lol…;)…But then I guess am too good at handling such people…they never dare to bother me too much…cowards…!,hiding in the light of anonymity….And yes ,that day I did meet some pieces ,but I handled them well and they were off….;)
I was too bored fighting with those mud heads…..I even thought of leaving the place…and joining my sis in the dream world…but somehow I decided to cling for some more time…as if something good awaited me….

And as expected, someone really interesting came in…Our conversation started off in a very unusual manner (wondering…what it was all about?)
Well, we were reviewing a much hyped up movie…it was not all, I hadn’t seen the movie…so someone at the far end was narrating it to me…scene by scene…(I can imagine the weird expression on your face…and that’s exactly the same I get when I recollect about it now!).But I guess what made me to hold on till the end of narration was my keen interest to watch the same…! But contrarily to all of your expectations…I decided not to watch the stupid movie…! Yes that’s exactly what I felt after hearing to the filmy anecdote…But was really thankful coz I had been saved from a disastrous movie….(want to know which was the so called flick…?well, it was a much awaited kamal hasan movie…the hyped and more hyped film!)
May be because our conversation began in a very unusual style… it did go on taking unexpected turns….which made it all the more interesting…We spoke for about an hour and so…but seemed to have had talked for much long…And by that time I was ready to sleep…We bid adieu and left…without any promise to meet again…
But, then we did meet again…when, I don’t know…but it was fun…for sure..!We have truly become friends. Apart from the silly fights and teasing, we do talk on serious matters…(not on global warming or musharaf’s impeachment…but then some relevant stuffs…!).Never ever had I thought that people can be friends on the cyber world…..But I guess I was wrong coz I had managed to find a very sweet friend…. And ,so would be the case with many of u…(I can see a couple of nods…lol….).May be its because friendship needs no medium…it blossoms in meadow and desert alike…!...Neither does it need a proper time …..It may bloom in noiseless night or noisy daylight…!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

y do U bother so much...???

It was around 6pm ,I was as usual cuddled in the sofa and changing channels(one of my fav hobbies..).Suddenly,without any warning amma comes and switches off the tv ...."amma what is this"...I screeched out disgustedly.Amma turned around and said"so arent u coming with us,didnt i tell u about the movie?"I as usual with no interest said,"no way i am not coming for that stupid movie, and i suggest acha and u better drop the program ,the movie is not worth a penny"ok what ever u like ,but we are going...saying so amma started to get ready for the same.And by 6:15 acha was at home...he too asked me the same query...and i gave him the same reply....but unlike amma he tried his best to cajole me...but all his efforts were in vain.More over i had another excuse sis wasnt back frm college yet ,so we couldnt leave the house deserted..."ok ,so u guys stay at home and we'll have fun watching the movie"acha said so with a smirk.It was 6:30 and they were off.I closed the main gate ,and was busy with some masala news on the daily ....I was having a nice time reading it ,when suddenly chikku(my dog)started barking...i peeped out of the window and saw a car parked near our gate...yes ,it were some unexpected god ...i called out in dismay...this was not because i hated guests ..but simply coz i was not dressed properly...i mean with the shabby cotton top and grungy skirt...who would look good...and so was i looking simply pathetic...but i guess u can afford to adorn such looks at home ,if not anywhere else...;).And i somehow tied my hair and was ready to open the door...

i opened the door ....well,i knew them...(but when no one is at home u tend to forget even those u know...;))but ,nothing of that sort happened....i caught hold of chikku...and he was tied in his place.I invited them indoors...they were comfortably seated ..."so no one is at home right?"at that point i felt like ...'so whom r u talking to?'...but then i controlled and replied with a made up smile "no they hav gone out".Here comes another"so they went to see the movie eh?...i saw the posters on the company board"...well...yes,i replied .And then a couple of few more were added on to the conversation....but all through ,i could spot the aunty looking at me with dismay...( i am sure she was extremly happy about my Actually ,they had come to invite us for their daughter's marriage.They handed over the card and i started to open it....when sis was there ...back frm college...(I was happy coz ,some of the attention was now drifted frm me...)

"oh!so do u always come by this time,its quite late.."the aunt asked her...My sis looked at her watch and said..."oh!...yaa...i mean was the stupid traffic block u know..."i couldnt control my laughter ,but i couldnt laugh either ,so i managed with a silent giggle(its difficult to giggle without those stupid sounds!).So as mentioned earlier we had some more light moments together .(hey,we did offer them tea,but they refused)...i mentioned this coz i dont want u guys to think that we are bad hosts lol...;)
so they were about to leave...but before that something else awaited us....

"Both of u look so tired and weak ,arent u eating anythig?your parents are quite plump,why arent u ?" god ....not again...this was exactly what i felt....but all what i could manage was a sheepish smile...And to add insult to sis came up with a lame remark..."but i am not that thin naa",And the uncle said"well...yes but u can improve too..."I was really happy...serves her

But this is not the first time that am coming across such comments....i often get them when i go to my native place or else where...and am quite used to it....but i guess some things are beyond our control and we cant do anything about matter ,how hard we

But i jus want to know' why do they hav to bother about me so much?' i mean i am happy the way i am ,cant they keep their comments to themselves....why simply disturbing my mind...
well, i guess its their attempt to change my beauty concepts...but to them i would jus want to say....'hard luck!!';)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

finally love did blossom....

well...its my first post here...and i know my title would make atleast a few of u to think that the reason to start of on such a venture...;)....but to them i would say ,'dont try breaking ur head over it...'coz its not something what i am feeling....but then someone really close to me is in love ,and the love finally seems to blossom...

am still to begin my lessons in love...but then ,somehow i can understnd what all the people in this world who r in love would be feeling....(i know am giving reasons for u 2 to believe that i am in love or has been in love,but then....such chapters for me are yet to be know many of u would be wondering ,if thats the case...then why am i going on...discribing it...isnt?

well...the thing is am really happy for them...simply because its something which all of us had badly wanted to happen...hey,did i bore u...hmm...i guess yes...well, if thats the case...let me give u a brief histroy of this love story...ready...!
it all began when they were very young...i guess i can call them usual any one would take it as a 'silly puppy love story'...but then it was the same silly puppy thing which emerged to be a full fledged yash copra hit....well...the heroine of this flick kept it away from me for a very long time...and by the time i knew it ,love was all in the air...and all what she could recollect as of how all of this began was....the usual thing....'it jus happened.....'but then i was very sure that this flick would definately be a big time hit coz neither she nor he were in a big haze to set up promotional campaingns for was all in the silence that it bloomed ....

like for any other love too they had to cross many boundaries and hurdles,but then as is said...true love wins all hearts...and so did theirs....they truely did win many hearts...and i guess that was never easy.....but if u r determined i think nothing is difficult....

i know all this long i had been discussing something which would sound very absurd and weird (atleast for some)...but i somehow felt i should talk about it...who knows it may trun out to be a eye opener or inspiration for all those who are in love or for those who r simply trying to b a part of it...or for those who simply love to see others love and wish ....'some day ill have someone like this '