Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is going to hurt just a little bit....

Sitting at a dentist, with your mouth wide open is one of the most awkward and undignified state one can be in. And last week I had to go through the same. Going to a dentist is the last thing I would like to do on any day ….I simply dread meeting him. And because of this I have to the bear the brunt of consequences….a cavity which could have been finished with a mere filling, was given the chance to grow and expand ,so much to the extend that it ate up the roots of the tooth…and the only rescue was RCT (Root Canal Treatment). Mummy…a RCT again, noooooo! Yes, I have gone through this before and I know how painful it can be. But then my dentist makes sure that he makes me feel at ease…and says,” this is going to hurt , just a little bit!”. Even though he smiled, I felt he was happy coz he got another victim where he could try and experiment his new tools and thus sharpen his own skills. First session began, he made me lie down on something which resembled a space ship, and with a big disco light hanging from above ( wasn’t a disco light but looked the same). Then the dentist commands,”ok now open your mouth” I lie down like a frightened chicken, ready to be slaughtered. And then a series of drillers and screwdrivers follow…which pay no heed to your cries…very mechanical tools I must say! And at times the dentist fills up the infected tooth with something which smells like the clove , I wonder why he does that…to strengthen the tooth or just to keep his “smell” organ intact!;).
Then comes a set of road rollers, which run all over mouth. Followed by some tar like substances which are used to fill up the ‘pits’ sorry cavities! All this long, one thing which kept giving me burns inside my stomach was…”what if, he makes a slight mistake and give a big cut…oh…scary!” But as soon as he realizes that I am scared he say”oh…it’s all over…it’s gonna hurt just a little bit” Though the words don’t work much, they help you change your attention.
Next he brings in something like a UFO, with a peculiar round cum long cum oval shape! As soon as it enters your mouth it makes a “beep beep” sound with a blue light flashing all inside…and this was enough to make me go…ayyo…amma…! My dentist laughs and says,”hey now don’t sound like a silly child”
And I could see the nurse, giggling at this from the corner of my eyes….what more do u need to add ‘insult to injury’! I simply wanted to get up and run, and my jaw too was aching and when I was about to say ‘doctor enough for today’ he say that himself ‘so we are done ,will continue the rest the next week’ I get up with mixed reactions…was happy coz it was finally over…and was tensed and sad coz it wasn’t finally over! Would have to meet him the next week and will have to go through the vicious process all over again!

But at the end all I can conclude is…it’s vital vicious cycle, which needs to be repeated to keep your teeth in good health! So happy brushing ….keep smiling ;)