Saturday, July 25, 2009

all in the name of GOD!

On 22nd july,2009 the world saw the longest eclipse of the 21st century . And people round the world gathered in large numbers to experience and see the celestial play of the moon and the sun .But I wonder if this was mere an eclipse of two celestial bodies, where the sun overwhelm the moon, and the moon is left with no option but to cast its shadow across the earth …leaving it dark and murky. This time though, the shadow was engulfed with superstitions and fallacies which refused to spare the new borns’ too!!

All the day long the TV channels were busy telecasting the eclipse and when they were done with it, they came up with something really shocking.

In the name of superstition 2 – 5 years kids were buried up to their heads in the soil just to be victims of the eclipse and get rid of their weaknesses….be it a limped leg, poor eye sight or a spastic brain! The kids were obscured in the soil for more than 5 hours with no food or water! They cried, pleaded and begged for a pinch of mercy, for a morsel of bread ,for few drops of water ……but no one was ready to hear their plea ,even if they fainted crying aloud just to be out ! All this was done in the presence of their so called ‘parents’ who were mere spectators. It may all be a scrupulously stupid age-old belief, but let me ask you in which century are we living?? A century which claims itself to the most advanced, most developed ….Is this the way we have advanced, where we view our future generation as a mere piece of experimentation, to be tested and judged in the light of meager faith? It’s shameful that we Indians still cling on to our absurd ancestral beliefs, even when we know that they are JUST beliefs!

The plight of the children half buried was hard to forget, and I was wondering where this world is leading to…when I saw something more feral ….devastating!

A year old baby was dropped from a second storey building, to be grabbed in a sheet of cloth! Now what would u call this? And it was the dilemma of not a single soul, but a few thousands who were held up in the mid of nothing to be dropped mercilessly on to a cloth of sheet…..all this just for the sake to make them healthy all their life! I was thinking of the pain the new arrived experiences in this act of bizarre faith. Its argued that it’s a 500 years old tradition ,and that no accident has been reported so far ….Does that mean they’ll go on with this insane gesture ,until they are witness to a innocent’s death? Or will they name it then the act of satan or a vampire kid who deserved this ruthless end!Watch it youself get the clear picture of this sick tradition ....follow this link

We have been doing all this in the name of god, but I wonder when he taught us to be so brutal in our behavior. If it was brutality which counted, then why is it that wars and fights end only in agony and pain!

When …when are we going to break ourselves free from these vicious shackles? The fetters which claim us good, but never do. The manacles we have worn around ourselves knowingly or unknowingly…..the beliefs we know are not worth following, yet we follow suit ….when are we going we stop such child abuses? And when will we stop uttering that its all in the name of GOD!