Friday, August 28, 2009

onam, sadya and bus strike!

Well… I guess that sums it all. This was how we celebrated onam in our college, with all sorts of uncertainties and troubles. A working day with no private buses on road is a tough one. Here in kerala, it’s a common thing…every now and then you could see buses on strike, may be for a salary hike or bonus or may be for no reason at all… yaha sab chalta hai…! Usually, when we hear about bus strikes…Its something to be happy, (I admit it shamelessly) because you don’t have to go to college or office…one full day at home …which means sheer enjoyment! But this time round, it was something different. It was something different; our cclass onam celebration was scheduled on the same day ie on the strike day! Now what to do? How will we reach college on time? How will we go back home? This was what everyone was discussing about. Being our last year at college , we all wanted our onam to be a memorable one , but with the bus strike thing creeping in … all the fun was almost lost, everyone was down , not knowing what to do and what not to…we had given order for the onasadya(the main part of celebration …food ,in complete tradition style) so if we weren’t able to come , then it will mean a complete waste of money and efforts. Finally after lot of discussions we decided that ...lets cancel the programme ! Mainly because it was impossible for some of us to reach college, this was decided around 12:30 the day before the celebration. We, with our heavy hearts dispersed for lunch. Lunch hour is meant for gossip and chitchat , this time though everyone was silent ! Suddenly one of my friends comes up with an idea; “hey transport bus (govt buses) is available naa…and there are other means of transport too , auto or our own vehicles …we can take them out for one day….we have to celebrate our onam , its our last year… we have to make it great!” everything was far fetched in the whole concept , yet it brought in a ray of hope and all of us started thinking positively. And soon, we decided our celebration is gonna happen and we have to reach college at any cost. Though I was apprehensive about the whole thing, and about my means of travel …I too agreed. Next thing on the list was whether to wear the kerala traditional attire (setmundu or set saree) I personally find saris a bit disgusting, all difficult to manage and wear! And on a strike day...oh no I couldn’t imagine myself clinging on to a over crowded transport bus wearing a sari…no no…i had made up my mind , if it was going to be a strike, then no sari! Rest of the girls were all set for a fashion show…and at times I found my mind swaying in the wind, cajoling me to wear the sari…hmmm…with all the confusion , we all bid byes to meet again tomorrow for the grand day!

As soon as I reached home…switched on the tv , just to check if the strike was cancelled , but alas it wasn’t.( it was the first time in my life that I didn’t wanted a so the sari plan was cancelled. Next day woke up early jus to call up my friends and know how they were coming…in the mean while one of my friends calls me up. ...Jus to say that she has an aunty going our route and she has agreed to drop us on the way! Wow! My sari plans again get a new life , so decide to wear a sari …start the ironing and what not!
But sari as usual are so disobliging, you pull them here and they go hay where. After a lot of pushing and pulling decided not to wear it at all…pulled up a pair of salwar and was all set to go…hmmm!. My friend and I were the first ones to be in college …college was absolutely vacant, just a few staff here and there. I consoled myself thinking that even if I wore a sari no one would be there to appreciate my looks…and I felt happy!;). We opened our class room and had some discussions with our teachers who were already present. After about half an hour everyone was present, and each one was busy with their respective work…floral carpet topping the list…and I must tell you it looked quite pretty!
Next was the onasadya , it was a sumptuous feast I swear …loved the payasam…yummy!
Everything was well organized , thanks to the boys of our class who took the initiative for the sadya and for arranging each and everything so perfectly …Thank you guys!:)

So all in all it was fun to be in college on a strike day, though it was empty …it felt as if it was all ours …happy to be with us, celebrating our little joy!:)


Destiny's child... said...

Didn't I tell you to wear the sari. Didn't I help you drape it? And didn't you pull it off with no due respect to my efforts. Didn't you...well the list is long. But your post is sweet. Happy onam Angel! (For once I have decided to call you by your not-so-believable pseudonym) :D

Shri said...

Yeah,I knw hw gud it feels to celebrate fests wid frnds...even I luv d 'payasam'..btw,nicely written..

My life is my lesson! said...


Good way to celebrate Onam in the final year of college isn't it? :)
I always loved the bus strikes back home, that meant more holidays and more fun at home. :)
The last Onam i celebrated at Kerala was some 4 years ago i guess, though my mom and dad make sure we don;t miss the Sadhya nothing else falls in place as such. :(. No Pookalams,no family get-togethers :(. We miss the REAL Onam so so much :(..
Anyways Happy Onam, make sure you wear the Saree on Onam day :)

BORAN said... could have worn the saree..hmm..Happy Onam!

A New Beginning said...

Hey Thats a nice post..full of celebration :) Ya smtimes things just go out of hand..but where theres a will theres a way:)

angel in disguise.... said...

yes u did my dear..but what to do...i guess saree was not meant for me that that..hmm:(

frnds make evrey single occassion a festival...thanks for ur comment:)

@ mylife...
oh...really yaar..onam is avery colourful festival..try making this onam special..with some pookalam at home!
happy onam to u too:)

enth onam!

@new beginning...
u jus said it..where der a will der a way!:)

terence_mathew said...

actually thanks to u angel in disguise n ur frnds.had u guys nt come for d pgm it wld have flopped for sure .

Akshay said...

Being the last year in college, I'm sure it must have felt really good celebrating Onam with friends and ah, the heavenly payasam!!

I always love Kerala for the bus strikes. More holidays and more fun at home and valid reasons to bunk college. Make sure you take lessons in draping saris. Make sure you wear the sari on Onam.

Beginning from Tuesday, I'm doing a special series on Onam on my food blog and hoping to see your comments. Oops, a very nicely written article. CRISP is the word to be more precise. Oh yeah, Happy Onam.

Lulu said...

it was a really sweet article nd spicy tooo

SAN said...

Nice one... by d way r u der in orkut?

neethu said...

well,onam ceieb was superb!but back 2 clge 4 studies,dessertatn...bla bla bla...hpe these days wont 4gt in our life.

angel in disguise.... said...

hmm...:)thanks yaar...

thanks akshay..ill definately visit ur blog...i am sure u'll come up with vivid recipes and spicy food..looking forward to it!
n yes ..happy onam:)

thanks yaar..keep visiting!

thanks for dropping in...n yes am on orkut...did u find me der eh?;)

hey..thanks a lot for coming in..well.its our vacation y worry abt the classes yaar..lets enjoy!

Novice Writer said...

You should have draped the saree! shey kashtamayi..Anyway, all you people's positive thinking made the Onam celebration happen, huh? Way to go!:-)Wish you a very happy Onam:-)

remu said...

bus strikes.....dats somenthing out of my dictionary i miss them:(

there is yet another thing you can be happy got larger servings of sadya as the people were lesser;)

angel in disguise.... said...

ya..even i wanted to yaar..pakhse enth cheyan...ny way happy onam!


Anoop said...

haha nice to read...
happy onam btw..belated! :D

haf fun

Anonymous said...

Onam and Strike... We people celebrated Onam on Independence day @ office..( :-) )

Ha! @ last it worked na. Everyhting depends on some ones thought.. isn't it?

genial said...

just drop by to say hello :)

genial♂ said...

hey i'm here again :)
i'm doing good :) how about you...?!??!