Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 'hanky' and me!

Boarding a bus after college is a tedious task. As soon as the last bell rings, everyone rushes to the bus stop …and it resembles a group of bees clustered around a beehive. If you could get into the first bus, then my god…You are an expert in it! I seldom get the chance for the same…but today made it somehow! Uff…the pushing, pulling …and what not…but finally found a place to stand by. My friend who is always in search of a seat, beside the driver was not successful today to fish one…and so was sulking about the same. I in the meanwhile was happy that I could stand near the window, and could enjoy the fresh air! After two or three stops the rush was a lot better and we could actually see the people standing along with us.

Suddenly an aunty who was standing next to me, turn around us and says “can you please lend me your handkerchief , my hand is hurt and its bleeding.” We simultaneously inquire “how?”. She then tells us that, there was something protruding near by the window, where she accidentally got her hand and it was cut, near the elbow. It wasn’t a major injury just a small wound, but then a little bit of blood was oozing out …and being ‘chingam 1’(new year day of keralites) she was dressed in the traditional kerala attire , like many other aunties! And so was very cautious, as she didn’t want her white sari to turn crimson! And this was the reason why she needed a hanky.

But then hankies are quite personal, they travel all along with you…and it’s a emotional moment if you have to part with it…especially when you are quite attached to it…lol…as I am . But then, somehow I persuaded my mind and decided to give away my hanky …after all it was for a noble cause and I was helping out a poor lady.

Though I was a bit sad to part with my hanky …I knew after receiving the same the aunty would thank me with a genuine smile and in return I would feel happy and content for helping some one.

With this thought in mind I offered my hanky with a sweet and generous smile. But as soon as the hanky was offered it was snatched from my hand…as a cat does with a mouse!. No word of ‘thank you’ or authentic smile, not even a look of gratitude. Everything was so fast, that even I didn’t know what actually happened! My ‘hanky’ was sincere with her duties and covered the wound well…but her present mistress was least bothered from where she came or the help she offered.She was bothered only about her sari and as long as her sari remained white she was satisfied.

Before getting down at my stop , I gave a last look at the aunty to see if she would want to thank me…but as thought I was disappointed ,not because she didn’t thank me… but simply because I could see my dear ‘hanky ’crying aloud wanting to get back to me!


Amal Bose said...

Aww.. :-(

manivannan said...

ha! ha! Very sweet post :-) I immensely enjoyed reading it. You've interesting narrated...

BTW, I liked your pseudonym very much :-) It's really nice. And thanks for your wonderful visit!

Keep writing more!

Happy blogging :-)

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're from kerela. You haven't seen mumbai local crowd,i can't even wipe off the sweat-drop trickling down my neck without poking a few people in the ribs or the eye. XP
what's your age? I like your blog concept,the kaleidoscope.

angel in disguise.... said...

hmmm..ur aww says it all...;)

thanks :)..keep visting!

yes am frm kerala n am 22..i agree the buses here r less crowded when compared to mumbai..
thanks for ur comment..keep vistsing!

Babli said...

Very nice,sweet and interesting post.I liked it very much as you have presented very nicely.Keep writing.

A New Beginning said...

:( Your hanky sure dint get a deserving mistress!! But it would be proud of you;)
Thats a very cute post, reminding us how life attaches us to things that we call our it anything:)

Destiny's child... said...

Haha! I can very well imagine your plight while parting with your dear hanky. Afterall you are so emotionally attached to it. To all those who are reading this blog, you really, really don't know how much she loves her hanky! :D
Ok, i am kidding. Angel, get a grip over yourself, how about tissue paper? Parting won't be as painful! ;)
Funny read :D

Akshay said...

A crisp description of an ordinary instance. Immensely enjoyed reading. Well, this is the same case with me. Initially, I was a strong supporter of buses but then the way I came home on a weekday at 6:30 in the evening, I decided that travelling by train would be better considering I would save 30 minutes.

All in all, it was very nice and narrated in a very interesting manner that catches attention till the very end.

Anonymous said...

Very well narrated..! Sweet ..:)

You have a great blog dear ..Wud love to visit more often ..:)

And,thanks a ton for stopping by!

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Oh! That Aunty is wounded and concerned about her wound and the saree.

But your post remembered me of the moments I felt down, seeing the rough use of my dearest belongings..

Nice read, and you gave life to your hanky.

Anonymous said...

Cute one..!

There an insight in this post ..:)very gripping narration..:)

angel in disguise.... said...

thanks dear..ur comments always encourage me!:)

@new beginning..
yes...rightly said , but i really miss my hanky..i hope she is well..!;)


thanks yaar:)

thanks a lot for ur comments..keep visiting!:)

its good to know that u enjoyed the post..keep visting..thanks!:)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

that was well said and haha.. and thats how u travel on your cons. pass in kerala :) this first bus stuff and all, i used to be soo good during my first years.. now its fun travellin in the last bus.. i mean to leave college at the last moment, with everyone else already home.. affter all got only4-5 months left to be there :)
well said :)

off: where is the new template?u said me that u will be trying!

Anonymous said...

Selfish and inhuman.

AritrY said...

how disgusting...!!
unfaithful kahinki!!
u should have said some wise words to that idiot aunty!!!!!!!
poor hanky!!

Shanu said...

Aww ur poor poor hanky :(

Mustaf said...


Nice post and clean narration. But I wonder what your hanky must be thinking, would bshe be proud of you or she must be feeling dejected that you left her to one, who least deserves it and what would happen to the hanky, may be the aunty would throw it away after getting down from the bus, is getting senti :-( so let's get back :-)

So, what is your take away from this incident? Would you give your hanky to anyone else again :P?

angel in disguise.... said...

thanks for for stopping by..:)
well, template...i thought ill try it later ...let this look remain for some time..;)

hmmm...what to do?:(


i miss her:(

hey thanks a lot for stopping by n ur comment.well..i dont know what wud b the plight of my hanky now..:(but this incident wont stop me... helping others...:)

Shri said...

Yeah,hankies do share a relationship wid us...not being complimented for a gud cause does hurts...Dat lady must learn some etiquetes...btw,nicely written...

angel in disguise.... said...

thanks a lot for stopping by n putting ur comments forwrds..keep visisting:)

terence_mathew said...

hmm wil ask kjo to make a film on this

Anonymous said...

Funny, how people can be :P

angel in disguise.... said...

oh..that would make a fab movie...sure!lol:p

hey welcome here...hope u enjoyed it:)