Thursday, May 21, 2009

A bath tale...

With beady black eyes, so wide

And small little snout, so white

You are my cute devil,

And ill love you till my life’s peril!

Of you play all day long,

Be in mud, sand or pond,

With your dusty paws and grimy face

I swear, I adore you more!

Its time for a good wash up,

For you to get freshen up

So here, I take my shampoo

To cleanse down all your slush!

Intrigued and troubled you come along,

But with no pity I wash all along

Your supple fur, clips together

And you my dear, look so much like a mushy pussy altogether!

With few shivers and quivers,

Our first bath was all so fun

And my ‘poppy’ soon after the showers

Shone like sun!

It’s so cool washing you babe,

How I wish my work was everyday the same!!:)


Rush said...

so u finally bathed him..wats the little snouty's name?

angel in disguise.... said...

"poppy" n she's my cute;)

BORAN said...

Oho..Poppy's first Bath? It sounded really cute..pinne..Raasnathi podi idaan marakanda..hehe

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Hi Angel!!

I too have done this job,
But I swear he smells terrible when wet..
What about she?

destiny's child... said...

achodi.....really cute....
bombarded with what i call the awwwww factor....cute poppy...cute angel...:)
ps: i cant believe that i am saying this./..:p

angel in disguise.... said...

ayyo nerte parayande...marannu

well..i didnt smell her ,when wet..but now she smells gr8;)


KParthasarathi said...

nice poem

Krane Metal said...

very cute and lovely description. keep it up.
- Amit Purswani
( )