Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd october!

“Beep-Beep”…my mobile screeched at the top of its voice. And it made me wake up early on a holiday…I still lay on the bed with my eyes closed and my hand went near the windowpane searching for the gadget like a blind ,helplessly trying to find her fallen walking stick…!Finally I had it in my hand, I reluctantly pushed aside my ‘mink blanket’ and pulled up my pillow ,to let my back rest……oh!god its 9 o’clock, my swollen overslept eyes were wide awake now…(I wondered why amma didn’t come up to wake us up, but was happy she didn’t !;)).So I had over slept, and I certainly didn’t want to begin my day reading yet another stupid forwarded message….But since I had taken so much of pain (I mean giving up my precious sleep… etc etc…) I had no other go but to read it…

“Let us follow the path of truth and nonviolence shown by Mahatma Gandhi”
Sender: ministry of Information and Broadcasting

This made me realize it was “Gandhi jayanti” …The day when our “Father of the nation was born” A man who gave up everything for this nation…who taught the world an entirely different way to resist oppression ……. Who taught ahimsa and non violence were mightier than the sword…. who gave up all his luxury to become one among the down trodden ….who in himself became a Legend!

Like for many of you, it was yet another holiday for me … a day to sleep till noon, watch movies and have fun! But this message somewhere struck a cord …
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on this day, so what’s so special about it..?It’s just one among the other few public holidays we have ….This is our attitude! And I can’t afford to blame others too …simply coz even I don’t care about it…what matters is, is a holiday …no matter what it is for..!
I wonder, if this is the situation now, then what would be the affairs after a few decades or so? Would any one even believe that such a man walked on earth ? A person who could give his life and soul for a nation like ours …where every now and then people fight over property, wealth and fame …where selfishness rules all minds ….where bloodshed and tears are a common picture …where people live in crumpled cities …where corruption and red tapism is unavoidable….where bomb blasts gulping innocent lives is always forgotten …yes this is our nation today…but its certainly not what Gandhiji would have dreamt…..! I know it’s hard to digest, but it’s the naked truth, which is seldom sweet…or rather never!
Bapuji , a real time hero is more of a myth now…whose principles and values seem superficial and unpractical. But these were the same principles which lead a nation to attain its freedom. Talking of Gandhiji may bore us, but if its Rajkumar Hirani’s new flick, we run to the theatres to grab a ticket…where bapuji seems be the hero with munna bhai preaching “gandhigiri” .Thanks to Hirani for making a commercially meaningful film!(At least gandhiji was remembered and the youth loved him… )

Why am I writing all this, what good will it do? Well, I guess it’s a small tribute from me to a great legend who once lived and fought to make his dream a reality…and to make myself realize, if not others …that I still remember you bapu…!

I know am being too patriotic and emotional..But I guess its no harm being so at least once a year if not more .Well, I know if something of this sort had been posted on aug15, it would have been more meaningful …But aug15 attained its relevance because of a soul born today…who sowed seeds of craving independence about half a century back and lead the nation to attain the same!
It’s said that history repeats itself and every character that becomes a history, some day reborn to create yet another history!
Bapu in disguise is sure to walk this nation again and start yet another revolution…where all of us are not going to sit idle, but strive to attain our precious peaceful country back…!

This post in some way made me connect myself to bapu and will continue to do the same at least until the next post arrives,,,,lol….;)


destiny's child... said...

i liked the last part the best sis...really only till the next post arrives...
we mortals can never b somehting like him...though a mortal he still remains immortal in our hearts....ur post being a perfect example...n very relevant on the 2nd of october ...
but one qury...wud u have written it..if it was not a holiday?;)

well written...sissy!

Raja said...

I could not resist commenting on this. I do read your blogs once in a while. So I thought I would leave a message, especially, since it is Gandhi......

The perception of Gandhi as a liberator of India does not hold with most of Indians as there is an other side to him that Indians are gradually getting to know. There are several books talking about how he betrayed the majority community, pandering to the Islamists. It resulted in Pakistan but unfortunately did not stop there! He even made India pay 54 crores to Pakistan as seed money. He went on pacifying the majority community against Islamists' atrocities so much so that it resulted in his unfortunate death.

I don't revere Gandhi anymore. There are millions like me! He was too selfish and got carried away by his own personal appeal. The British left not because of him but because there was nothing much left to do in India for them! It was proving to be a burden to them managing the massive population with so much poverty around.

Gandhi's biggest mistake was not letting Sardar Patel become the PM. We were left with the crooked Nehru dynasty to lord over us and we are still paying for it!

Raja said...

BTW! Do moderate your comments :-) Looks like anyone can leave any garbage here :-)

JELU said...

HUU..RASH...NEVER THOUGHT THAT THERE WAS SO MUCH OF PATRIOTISM IN U...think our country wld hav attained independence much earlier if u were born some 80 yrs back...haha....hey...this one just touched my heart....ur best post til no...i suppose...hmm..KEEP writing....u r rite ....the coming generations wld find it difficult to believe that such a man of flesh and blood ever walked on earth.

angel in disguise.... said...

i wouldnt hav written

ur views n mine r diff ,so lets not talk abt it...well,i agree on one moderate comments..;)

keep commenting....i love them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry rash ..
that i saw this really late...:)..didn't know that you have written a new blog and you know i was busy with these japan thingy

abt the blog . Amazing is the first word that i could find in my tongue...someone in our generation writing about Gandhji was suprising but that was the best part of it. you rock !!! As you know i was not convinced by your last post ...but this post summed that up....keep writing dear.. ;)..

By the by are you planning to bring in gandhigiri in the politics of kerela

angel in disguise.... said...

shud i try gandhigiri here in kerala...u think thats possible...with all the

Vivek said...

Hey.....d post was really mesmerizing nd it forces us to think whether v really respect wat d freedom fighters hd done for our country.......But den i wud lyk to question u that where lies d hitch when it comes to celebrating these days?? It cannot b dat v feel lazy on a holiday coz most ov us prefer to njoi a holiday to its fullest.... V r certainly not lacking in patriotism coz v inflate our lungs to the maximum to the flamboyance of a batsman in a cricket field. den wat forces us to back off during such days ov pride nd honour......ope to gt a suitable response......nd yes a gr8 piece ov literature it was by u.......

The Thinking Cap.. said...

oh my God!! oh my God! not bad at all.. I like what I read.