Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Every passing year leaves behind some sweet some sour memories….But this year for me has been the most memorable of all. The reasons are big and small…. Right from my successful completion of post graduation, to my marriage, to my first ever job, to my entering another stage of life…..the list goes on….and seems endless…with every passing year…I had always felt …oh! This year went so fast. But this year was different….it made me feel I lived ages in it….may be because it took me through varying colours of life….I must admit every hue was different …bringing in new joy…all what I never had experienced before! Let me give you an account of my renewed journey in 2010…

MARCH2010: (my ring day) I got engaged this day, the beginning of a new life…a new person in my life….i remember myself all dressed and happy….expecting all happiness ….welcoming my partner with wholeheartedly….:)
(The following days were filled with non stop chit chat on phone, of course with my new love;) though the chit chat had begun days before…but after engagement they took a new level…I must say I really enjoyed them;) and they continued till my RED lettered day…my marriage!)

MAY2010:(the RED lettered day of my life) As any girl I too had my apprehensions about marriage….but I must say I was rather cool that day…may be because by then we were no more strangers, I must say we had become friends…or even more…

JULY2010 :( my first job) I had never ever thought that I would end up being a teacher or a lecturer….thanks to my husband, who instilled in me the urge to be one…I must say I truly enjoy being one…first job is always special….and this one will always remain in my heart.

Life took its pace…and I felt I already have played some very interesting roles in my life…being a wife was all new for me ;) it felt good …being special for someone…having someone very special in your life…cooking new delicacies (it was new…hmm my poor hubby ate everything I made without any complaints…but yes suggestions were always there)….my new job …it had a lot of challenges…I had to lead a class…impart knowledge…prepare notes …take lectures…but in the due course I learned the trick to handle a class…to be at least my students friend! I hope they feel the same…I know I have to improve a lot …and I am sure I can…thanks everyone for your courteous listening and help wherever possible ….

Today when I look back I feel I have lived so many years…and I feel really happy. The coming year 2011 is sure to be even better….as am going to step on a new stage in my life…someone very special is going to be a part our life very soon….and waiting for the angel to come and invade our life ….:) yes, your guess is as right as mine…!:) life wont be the same ….but am looking forward for the change….:)

Hoping for betterment, every year…not only for me…but for every living creature in this beautiful world.


KParthasarathi said...

May the New Year bring you greater happiness, cheer ,good health and prosperity in your life than 2010 that wasvery good for you.

Destiny's child... said...

2010 was a year of milestones for you! I am so, so, soooo happy for you. Can't wait for the lil angel to arrive! THRILLED! :)

Ramesh Sood said...

I am sure your year has gone very well. your humour pulled me to your site.. what a lovely comment you left on my Haiku.. velvety shoes..ha, ha, ha, you made me laugh.. only thing is whether it is nobel to leave muddy footprints on marbel.. so its better that there are no footprints.. for there is nothing to follow for anyone accept that one need to be born in those kind of circumstances.. well keep writing.. and keep visiting to share.. God bless!!!