Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life at its turning point....!!

Life was moving at a steady pace, with no gear change and speed hikes. May be it was bored with itself, that it decided to take a sudden turn. In to a completely different road, which was new to me in every aspect …but was sure to come in future. Wondering which road was it? A road which is life long, a road which is meant for all, and whose riders are decided in heaven…yes, you guessed it right …it’s the road to marriage! And I am going to be an afresh rider on this road very soon!

To be frank I had never expected to be a ‘rider on this road’ so soon. Neither did I know life was at its turning point. And as in any girl’s case …I too was apprehensive and confused. But everything has a time…and when the right time strikes…everything falls into place and the desired happens…..!

And so did in my case too. At first it was a bit difficult to gulp in the fact that it was actually happening with me, slowly I learned to flow with the current and to be true I am actually quite happy about it!

The only thing which bothers me now is about my final semester’s exam dates. I hope the ‘red lettered day’ of my life wouldn’t coincide with my exam dates and I have an intuition inside which says…it wouldn’t!:)

When I think about the life ahead, a small burning sensation picks up deep down. Concerns regarding whether I would be able to handle everything, whether I would make a good wife and daughter in law often haunts me…but I am sure I’ll adjust with my responsibilities and new life soon(hopefully!;))

My engagement was this Saturday(27/3/2010),but still I feel it was all a dream…the only thing which wakes me up from my dreamy land is the small cute ring with a sweet name engraved on it, shining in my hand!

My life would change, and so would my responsibilities…but am excited about the new roles I would get to play in my life ahead. I am happy because, now I have someone special in my life (finally!) with whom I can share all my views and I must tell you guys that though my fiancĂ©e looks a bit serious, he is completely jovial and fun to be with!

With the showers of blessings around, I hope we match up to each others expectations and lead a simple and happy life. I don’t know what to write more…. I am sure life would open new chapters for me to share with you all. So let’s hope for the best… I am sure your prayers and well wishes would follow me wherever I go. I am in a altogether different mood these days…and I must say I enjoy being in it…so let me continue doing so…but I promise I would be back with a bang soon …with some more crap stories and repulsive yet interesting tales…….do wait for the same!;)


Venkatesh Nandakumar said...

Congratulations! When's the wedding?

Akshay said...

Congratulations!! Your crap stories and other intricacies will surely be awaited with bated breath. All the best for your exams and for a bright, married life.

Destiny's child said...

More than you, it was I who was apprehensive at first. I am really happy for you :) Wait! I have mixed feelings. I can't think of our home without you, our lil fun (n serious) fights, endless giggles and will be different...
I am so glad you've struck a chord with my B-I-L. Blessings! Prayers! Best wishes! :)


BORAN said...

Ah..finally..Now u sound a bit more matured,lol..All the best for ur future :)

A New Beginning said...

IM so happy for you!!!May God bless you with loads and loads of happiness!!
So miss bride to be do keep penning down your thoughts, we'll wait for them :)

Tulika said...

Hey Congratulations!

May u be blessed with eternal marital bliss.


Anonymous said...


Your marriage life will be happy as you wish.... Best wishes for ur ride.

Bikram said...

COngratulations first of all.. Hope everything goes according to plan .. ALL THE BEST ..

The Holy Lama said...

So, rider...wishing you good ride ahead.

angel in disguise.... said...

thanks yaar...its scheduled on may 30th..i hope u wud b der..:)

thanks ...ill sure keep those tales coming..;)

@destiny u...:)

@boran i have to sound so...but then its not made up..;)..n thanks for ur wishes...

@new sweet of u..thanks buddy

thanks dear

thanks a ton ..hope to meet u soon:)


thanks again...c u at the wedding...:)

Venkatesh Nandakumar said...

Ahh.. very unlikely. Dissertation still going on, would finish only by mid-june, I guess/hope.

neethu agnes said...

kewl rash...
we all r quite excited too....& finally ur number aagaayaaa...ALL THE BEST FOR A HAPPY LIFE DEAR...TO U & also to ur sijuz...keep in u,,:)

terence_mathew said...

eagerly waiting for ur next crap stories