Tuesday, December 22, 2009

See it ...to believe it...;)

Holidays are meant to sloth….and that’s exactly what I am doing right now. Well, not having Xmas holidays…but exam holidays…;)and both mean somewhat the same, if you are into the category who study on the eve of exams! So am enjoying the same right now…be in bed till you desire, watch all the stupid programmes on TV with your favourite nibble in hand, have a long siesta etc etc…in short do whatever your heart craves for!

But being lazy is not an easy thing…It brings along with it a lot of nag from your mother like …pester for not doing things, forcefully waking you up, making you do the household chores and what not. But what tops my list is....”anu it’s almost noon, go take a shower!” and I myself don’t know why I laze off when I hear about taking a bath…especially when it’s a holiday. And on one such hot sultry day when I was glued to TV and my mother as usual was nagging and niggling showing me the way to bathroom, I stood up and switched off the TV and dashed straight to the bathroom(contrary to all your expectations…;) lol)

I was about to turn the shower, when I see a big, brown creature with woolen legs and scary eyes dart towards me…I screamed and took shelter under my towel, after 5 seconds I peeked through it…and found the spider was gone, relieved I look up and what do I find! Yes the villain again ready with his vicious plans wobbling its 8 weapons in every possible way to scare the hell out of me. This time though, I decide to me brave and venture to test if it’s poisonous, with a trick told by my grandma…years back. Grandma had once said…’try blowing air on the face of the spider, and if its poisonous it will shrink into a small ball and if not, will retain its posture’. I was all set to test this fact all by myself and did exactly the same. But neither did the spider shrink nor did it maintain its posture, instead it sprang up on me and dug its deadly teeth on the side of my neck, I screamed and yelled but on one came to my rescue. Slowly it grew it size and was blue to eyes, I tried pulling it away with my hands, but till then it was almost double my hand’s size. I was feeling dizzy, but had to get rid of the dangerous thing somehow and used all my leftover strength and caught the spider with both hands and pulled it out and smashed to the ground. Blood was oozing out and I was losing balance, I tried touching the wound and felt something sharp there…I dragged myself to the mirror, and to my horror I found two big fangs had sprouted out and were continuing to grow in size …..Slowly those fangs grew to be of some vampire’s…yes a very familiar one though….it was Edward! And no longer did I remain myself…. I was Bella!! And through the small opening in the window we flew back to our jungle...away from the crumpled city to the lush green forest which awaited us…. We talked through the simmering cold stream and…and…and... .. And you guys guessed it right it was all a dream or call it a nightmare!

PS: later I found myself on the bed, and I realized it was all a dream…suddenly I felt something biting me on the neck…this time though it was a mere mosquito! I slapped it tight and examined to have a closer look …and I must tell you it did look a lot like Edward!!!;)


BORAN said...

And did Edward ask u to take a shower?lol..

aquarian gul..... said...

hmmm...dear...superb...when i start reading i thout...wats happening..really weird..well,u gt a bright future in this feild...belive me"creativity can create your career"!!nicely written babs...when i was reading..i cud recollect couple of movies like "harry potter series","chronicles of narnia"etc etc...really i enjoyed ur nightmare..although ur edward created dangerous circumstances....tooo gud rash...all the best for ur upcoming blogs...

A New Beginning said...

lol!!! Exam can make a film maker outa us ;) All the best!!

Destiny's child... said...

What the F? Seriously Anu :D
I mean, till the Edward part I thought it was all true and that you hadn't told me about it. Btw, some part pf your dream has come true. I saw a giant spider in the bathroom today morning. I swear!

Anyway, have fun fooling around during your so-called xmas sorry xams, holidays ;)

angel in disguise.... said...


@aquarian gul..
thanks a lot dear for that comment ..it made my day!:)

yes u said it....:)n thanks for ur wishes!

yes i know dear...n u know taht spider was was inspiration lol...;)

xyz. said...

long days.. boring holidays.. I kno.. :P

BORAN said...

Aquarian gul inu nee enthu koduthu? itreyum pokki parayan

Tulika said...


Funny !

A good write. It kept me keenly reading till the end :)

Loved your comments dear.
You are most welcome...!!

Thousif Raza said...

my god that was some dream, loved the P.S

1st timer and i gotta say i liked the post very very much :)

take care and keep writing...........

angel in disguise.... said...

yes...holidays are boring and they make u see siily unbeleivable things..;)

thanks tulika...keep visiting:)

hey...thanks for stopping by and reading the post ...i hope to see u ofetn:)

Anya said...

Thanks for your visit :-)

Nice story on your blog
and so the truth ...

Happy Holidays

Jaky Astik said...

Hel Angel, thanks for the comment. As in I am not a bit patriotic fan or something but at least I should do what I can.

By the way, your blog is interesting. Checking it out now :)

Shanu said...

LOL..Is Edward fever gripping the nation? I m crazy abt Edward too :)

Sorcerer said...

stumbled across your blog
hmm... funny and creative writeup

Jaky Astik said...

Edward rules your soul! ha ha@

Madhu said...

lol..,that was well written....:) incidenatally i hate edward! u must have read that in my last post...:)

thankz for droppin by my blog..:)

The Holy Lama said...

Splendid narrative. Only when the exaggeration did I realise it was a dream. Try spraying perfume, room freshner, kerosene etc etc on spiders. Kills them on spot.

Bikram said...

First time here. enjoyed reading the post, You wait till you grow up and start work.. you will yearn for the holidays he he he ...

I liked the DREAM though.. i would love to say oh cum on its only a spider , but i am sure to get bashed up at that comment so Not saying it :0

Hope you did get up though ...

Holidays yessssss always welcome cause when i get them I visit india where Home is.

Excellent Blog...

angel in disguise.... said...

that u'll hav to ask her..:p


thanks for reading this post..:) hope to c u more often, n yes Edward is quite interesting ..yet he doesn't rule my soul:P

i think so...well ,he is worth it:)isn't it?

thanks ...keeps visiting:)

thanks for reading thsi post ,even when u knew it was abt edward...lol..hope to see u arnd more often:)

thanks for dropping in....pinne ill try the kerosene,etc next time k...:p

thanks a lot for dropping in..hope to c u arnd more ...n mind u..it was jus a dream...n it was der that i was scared of it..not in reality:p:)

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Wonderful way of writing you have!!

Anonymous said...

and later I found that it was just a dream :) Not bad at all. Happy New Year

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...


Does that make sense???


Antarman said...

First half of your post is so much like all the young children doing in their house..mothers nagging:)

And I knew it is a dream as soon as I read, that it grew in size:)

Good one:)

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post.

scarlet pimpernel said...

have a spiderless new year

sakhii•• said...

awesome blog!!