Monday, December 15, 2008

Cosmic smile!

Its December, my favourite month! Love this month not because of the soul fact that it brings festivity and fun….but simply coz the season in itself is so different and refreshing. From the damp rainy season to the cool chilly one, it’s something new.
The one thing I like about this season is ,it forces me to spend most of my time in the veranda, especially in the night …When the weather outside seems to have wrapped around it a cool expanse of breeze, letting all the creatures to curdle up in blankets and sleep in peace. Apart from the breezy weather, what drive me to peep out of my tepid home are the glittering and glistening small bulbs, which tend to adorn almost all the houses in my neighborhood. Red, green, yellow and blue, they shine like gems n diamonds as in fairy tales. And I love to see them shine, dance and exhibit supple movements, camouflaging each one from the other. And yes, the carol songs accompanied by tiny Santa’s frolicking and enjoying themselves…and at times it gets too funny ,coz you get to hear remix versions of film songs changed into Christmas hymns….But then ,this is what makes it all the more fun. And there are some groups who come up with big illuminant lightings and decorations and all sorts of modern songs , but the only problem with them is they arrive too late …almost after mid night ! I guess they want to wake up even those sleeping in graves and seek attention…lol….whatever may be their intentions, I simply love to watch them from my dark room, where lights are purposefully shut ,and giggle along with my sister as they pass by our house. Every thing of such nature starts way back, almost two weeks before Christmas arrives! And this is exactly what makes the whole month full of festivity.

And for all this, this December was no exception. On the very first day of December, I was ready to spend my evening sitting out in the veranda enjoying everything I had been doing ever since I knew .Well on 1st December its too early to expect to see those disco lights embellish the bushy trees or colorful stars hanging in the air. But as I said, apart from all this it’s the atmosphere outside which compels you to be with it, and in return promises to give to freshness in every air you breath. Hmmm….and I was doing the same ,enjoying every bit and looking around the trees and brushes which surrounded me , and dreaming soon they’ll match the picture in my mind. And as I was doing this, what do I see???....God, its splendid….unusual, unseen, ethereal…unbelievable…and all I could say was WOW! I had read poets say , and artist display how the celestial objects responded to their call , even smiled back to them…! But this time they actually did, not only to the thoughtful poets ,but to the rest of the world too…! Yes I am talking about the sight which really made us smile ,coz someone on the very far end was smiling brightly with its twinkling stars turned eyes , and moon turned smile..! I rushed inside shouting and screaming “hey..the moon is smiling!”. And as expected I got doubtful looks as response, but without waiting a second I pushed them all outside to let them see the incredible sight with their own eyes. And what more, the air was filled with awe and admiration! We watched the sight till our hearts content and then moved in to see if television could explain something more about the whole thing.

And yes, they had their explanations ready . According to the various news sources, it were the planets Jupiter and Venus who shone like eyes of the crescent Moon, giving it altogether a smiling face. It was a sight seldom visible from the naked eyes, according to scientists.
Whatever it was, for me it had a very different story… I felt as if after all the bloodshed and agony our country had gone through during the past few days, this was a message from the celestial world aided by moon and two planets, that hope and optimism never die! And everything will be back to normal; the only thing which is needed is ,is to smile back!
Smile at evil and it will shy away….I guess that’s what the cosmic smile was all about!!


Venkatesh Nandakumar said...

we have a reunion, on 20th, Petro House, at 10 am! :), Another good thing about december. We'd be buying food there. Inform other ppl too.

destiny's child... said...

true..that cosmic smile was such a delight!
n looking forward for the 2'o clock sant visits..cant wait to peep through the
lets hope the carols come with some cool dudes this time! ;)
good work :)

Ajith said...


JELU said...

good one...well written RASH...sory to notice ur blog so late....and thts y i thought of leaving a comment. The best part of this blog is ur TITLE - Cosmic smile.
Dont wanna discuss about DECEMBER wid u since we hav already had one...I think.This one is short n sweet and i just loved it KETO.KEEP WRITING.......

remu said...

good interpretation. but the sky doesn't seem so very happy after all. especially when the stock market is going down and down and there are cries and threats of war.

damsel in distress said...

hey...cosmic smile..that felt nice. did not see the sight, went to sleep early !;) :(

nice read..:)

angel in disguise.... said...

destiny's child dudes didnt come...was dissapointed a bit...;)


even i felt the same..the title is simply cute...;)

arre remu..things wont remain the same everyday...if its winter can spring b far behind!;)

damsel in distress
thanks yaar for ur comment,keep commenting;)

Anonymous said...

Cosmic smile, I noticed that unexpectedly. I was walking with my friend.. He told, we can see in news paper tomorrow.. I was thinking "What this man is saying!! stars in the newpapers? "

On the very next day most of the news papers made that a NEWS!!

and the "visit" was really a surprise :-)